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Behavioral Health Resources


Monarch’s Wake Behavioral Health Urgent Care

Location: 319 Chapanoke Road, Suite 120, Raleigh, NC 27603

Contact: (919) 703-2845

Description: Monarch’s (BHUC) is a walk-in service for people ages 4 and older with mental health and substance use disorders who are experiencing a crisis. The BHUC treatment model is designed to provide assessment, stabilization and psychiatric intervention for people who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis by a multidisciplinary team that includes licensed therapists and experienced medical professionals.

Monarch’s Virtual Open Access model allows people to receive timely, mental health care without having to schedule an appointment in advance. This is the best way to access routine mental health care for individuals who don’t have an urgent/emergent need. These services include the initial mental health assessment, outpatient therapy, psychiatric evaluations, and psychiatric medication management. Monarch serves people ages 4 and older.

Interpretation: Monarch may provide interpreter services for any or all steps where one is needed if English is not spoken. Interpreter services are utilized via telephone and can be used over the system for virtual visits.
Accessing Services: These services can be started in one of two ways:

  • CALL (866) 272-7826 and a call center representative will get the individual added to Monarch’s virtual queue
    • Initial triage with caller to determine the urgency of need/problem
    • Monarch will call back to complete registration – will email link to meet virtually via OR can complete over phone
    • Appointment time will be given for initial comprehensive clinical assessment (CCA) with a clinician – typically same-day or next da
    • Clinical recommendations will be made by therapist/clinician for next steps – may be psychiatric eval for med management, continued therapy/counseling, referrals to other specialized services, etc.
  • WALK IN to our Navaho Drive or Cary office to be added to Monarch’s virtual queue
    • Wait times are significantly shorter than in the past and people on-site are prioritized
    • Monarch still utilizes and telehealth, but the individual is able to use equipment and private space for this appointment
    • All necessary forms, consents, release of information, etc. can be signed in-person at the office