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Past Refugee-facing Services Offered

Form Bridges: Connect Refugees with Services

  • Identified mental health treatment needs.
  • Leveraged local connections to match needs to services.
  • Provided supported referral and case management.
  • Coordinated logistics when individuals start treatment in order to sustain it.

Fill Gaps in Community Resources

  • Fielded referrals from community partners for refugee mental health.
  • Introduced the concept of individual and group therapy.
  • Brought isolated individuals together for group support.
  • Addressed short-term individual therapy needs.
  • Created learning opportunities for future social workers.



Past Provider and Community-Facing Services Offered

Help Communities Welcome and Support People in Refuge

  • Trained local providers how to identify refugee distress.
  • Supported the provision of appropriate treatment.
  • Advocated for refugee access to services.
  • Increased mental health literacy among refugee communities.
  • Destigmatized mental health.