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RHS-15Interested in learning more about Refugee Health Screener (RHS-15) developed by Pathways to Wellness? Here is an overview of the 15 question survey:

WHO can administer the RHS-15?

  • Self-administered
  • Health workers (medical assistants, nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers), or resettlement case workers

WHEN should the RHS-15 be administered?

  • At the same time as other health screenings or intakes to reduce stigma. It can be done during program intake or another case management meeting.
  • Timing may differ based on the group, screening flow, time constraints, or other considerations.

HOW should the RHS-15 be administered?

  • Before administering the RHS-15, remind the individual/group that each person aged 14 and over will be asked the questions about sadness, worries, body aches and pain, and other symptoms that may be bothersome to them.
  • Emphasize that screening will involve questions about how the individual is doing in both their body AND in their mind.
  • Normalize experiences by letting the individual/group know that many refugees have a hard time because of past experiences and the added stress of adjusting to a new country.